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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa

Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Model: Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
Manufacturer: H2X RX
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So what sets the H2X RX swim spa apart from the crowd? The patented Exerswim™ propulsion system*. With its unique propeller design, this system offers a deeper, wider, smoother current which is fully adjustable to the desired level of resistance.

In other swim spas, the hard current hits the back wall and returns along the side, creating rough water and currents that flow in two competing directions. The revolutionary design of the H2X RX allows its wide, deep current to be trapped at the end of the spa, so it only flows in one direction — giving yousmoother water and a better swimming experience.


Because the Exerswim™ propulsion system runs on a super energy-efficient industrial motor, it costs 70% less to operate than ordinary swim spas.



  • Sleek, European-inspired styling allows for a smoother swimming experience than other swim spas
  • Exerswim Propulsion System with adjustable controls
  • Xtreme Therapy Seat
  • Xtreme Therapy Cove
  • Wide entry steps or the optional Master RX Lift Chair
  • Custom Stainless Steel rails
  • Stainless Steel Jets
  • Low Maintenance
  • The most energy efficient swim spa you can buy


201" x 94" x 51"
(511cm x 239cm x 132cm)

Water Capacity

1,925 Gallons (7,287 L)

Dry Weight

2,700 lbs. (1,225 kg)

Propulsion System

ExerswimXP Propeller Drive




2 Therapy Pumps, 1 Circulation pump (all NSF approved)


200 sq. ft. Filter (NSF Approved)

Automatic Chlorinator

NSF Approved


Gas or Electric Option (provided by dealer)

Lift Chair

Custom skirt-mounted lift chair (optional)




Aquatic exercise is rapidly growing in popularity across the country. Unlike other swim spas, the H2X RX has a large flat floor with no hidden obstacles. The buoyancy of the water and the controlled temperature make it perfect for a variety of fitness exercises. You can jog in place against a gentle current, use a kickboard or the Aquatic Exercise System (which comes standard). With the current off, you can experience the benefits of resistance training and range of motion exercises. Strategically placed stainless steel grab rails facilitate any type of workout.

The H2X RX swim spa is already catching the eye of aquatic fitness experts. In fact, Rebecca "Boo" Pfeiffer, creator of the innovative Poolates™ program, (based on the Pilates method), has endorsed the H2X swim spa. Water buoyancy makes exercising easy on the joints, and her gentle approach offers a total mind-body workout.

Thanks to the H2X RX , you can now provide the full-body effects of aquatic exercise with time-saving convenience in your facility.




There's no better cure for the daily grind than atherapeutic spa massage. Whether you want to improve circulationrelieve pressure on your joints or simply melt away tension and fatigue, we offer the most luxurious spa experience. Two powerful pumps give you complete control of the strength of the jets — from a gentle touch to maximum muscle-kneading force. And convenient steps allow you to enter and exit the swim spa safely.

Our exclusive Xtreme Therapy Seat (XTS) is ergonomically designed to wrap you in comfort while delivering the ultimate hydrotherapy. A unique X pattern of jets provides complete coverage for your back, while additional jets focus on the hips, thighs, calves, arms, wrists and hands.

The unique Xtreme Therapy Cove (XTC) allows you to find the optimum position for a complete therapeutic massage for your lower back, hips, thighs and calves. A stainless steel grab handle is conveniently placed for your stability.




Aquatic Therapy takes advantage of the water's unique properties of buoyancy, hydro-static pressure, viscosity and flow to create increased therapy opportunities. Water provides both a supportive and resistive environment that when used appropriately aides in reducing pain, spasm and swelling. Aquatic therapy is an effective and safe means for performing strengthening, functional and sports-specific activities.

Complete physical therapy protocols and policies have been developed for the H2X RX. Plus, every H2X RX comes with a complete one day on site orientation and training seminar by Dr. McAvoy or one of his highly trained staff.

    Outcomes and benefits of aquatic rehabilitation include:
  • Improves posture, alignment & stability
  • Improves muscle, strength and endurance
  • Increased range of motion & flexibility
  • Improves balance and coordination
  • Reduces joint stress
  • Improves power, speed and agility
  • Reduces pain & muscle spasm
    Commonly treated conditions includes:
  • Total Joint Replacement
  • Spinal Conditions
  • Arthritis
  • Athletic Injuries
  • Balance Disorders
  • Various Neurological Disorders
  • Fibromyalgia





The custom Master RX Lift Chair is easy to attach to the skirt & frame and can handle up to 400 lbs. Commercially NSF Approved equipment is designed specifically for the H2X RX



High tech polymers make maintenance easy.

 Our MasterSelect™ skirting has the look of real wood but is virtually maintenance free. It features authentic wood grain patterns for a rich, three-dimensional look. And it'seasy to maintain with a cloth and garden hose.

 Our system uses a high output Corona Discharge Ozone generator to help ensure that any remaining bacteria or metals in the water will be destroyed.

* Available on select colors only.

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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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Exerswim By H2X RX Swim Spa
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